Program Private Boat – Phi Phi One Day Trip

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Trip Details


07:00-07:45 – Pick up guest at hotel transfer to Pier.


08.30-09:00 – Arrive to port. Welcome by your local guide. Group color, Information of tour program and weather. Complimentary coffee, tea, bread butter (set box)

  • Depart from the pier to Phi Phi Lae Island.
  • Arrive to Monkey Beach It is a small bay full of monkeys that live naturally. Customer can take pictures with the monkeys. Enjoy to natural cuteness of monkey.
  • Arrive to the point for swimming and snorkeling.It is a point filled with many beautiful corals and Many different species of fish such as Nemo and many other fish.
  • Arrive to Viking Cave Inside the Viking Cave is full of swallow’s nests and ancient boat painting .Which is believed to be a picture of fishermen who rested from the waves a long time ago. And some pictures look like Viking ships. Hence the origin of the name of the cave “Viking”. Currently, this cave has been awarded by a private company Visitors cannot go up to the cave area.
  • Arrive to “Pileh Lagoon Bay “ It is a beautiful sea bay and wears a lot. The sea floor below can be seen from the boat. When traveling into the bay, it is filled with naturally occurring cliffs. Customers can jump in the water from the bow of the boat or enjoy. Play in the water with special water play equipment provided by the company especially for children. If customer are interested in having special pictures Photos form the prow of the long tail boat that the company can provade for customers. ( additional fee ) with a fun paddle boarding or sit on the giant rubber duck tubing that the company has to offer.
  • Travel to Phi Phi Don Island have lunch and enjoy walking up to the view point of Phi Phi Don Island visible Phi Phi Don on Both sides.
  • Travel to Maya Bay Enjoy taking photos from the bow in front (Maya Bay) Because the area Maya Bay Park is closed to visitors due to the sea to restore coral reefs. Fortunately, we may encounter rare fish in our trip. from a photo stop.
  • Travel to Loh Samah Enjoy taking pictures while visiting Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere. It is a quiet sea bay. Full stone cliff with stalactites with occur naturally around the sea. The sea area is filled with coral lumps, sheet corals, cup corals and sea anemones.
  • Travel to Khai Island it is an island with white and beautiful beaches. Small fish can be seen from the beach area of Khai Island and is an island full of cats.


17.00-17.30 –  Departure to the pier and transfer back to hotel.


Remark :

  • The program may change according to the weather conditions. And not allow the elderly / those with congenital diseases such as those who have had surgery for less than 60 days and those who have a cardiac hospital / who have had surgery or have a bone-related disease or herniated disc / no Allowing pregnant women to travel.


Note above :

  • if the traveler has received permission to travel by a doctor, the company is strictly prohibited from traveling. Because the weather can change at any time.


Price 3,500 adut (for international) Discount for adut 2800 Baht

2,500 chd (for international) Discount for Chd 2000 Baht

Price 2,500 Adut (for Thai) Discount for Adut 1500 Baht

2,000 Chd Discount for Chd 1200 Baht



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