Charter Boat

Naka Yai Island
Khai Island
Rang Island
Yao Yai Island
Hong Island

Charter Boat

1. Naka Yai Island

Relax and explore the beauty of Naka Yai is superb, then join various water sport activities.

-Depart from Yamu pier (Phuket) to Naka Yai Island, takes 15 mins.

–Water Sport Activities at Naka Yai;

Donut ring                    THB 800 / pax

Banana Boat                THB 800 / pax

Jet Ski (10 mins)          THB 1,000/pax

PARASAILING             THB 1,000/ pax

Diving                          THB 1,500/ pax

2. Khai Islands


– Khai Nok Island

– Khai Nui Island

– Khai Nai Island


The 1st Khai Island is Khai Nui Island (20 mins by speedboat from Yamu pier): a small island without beach. Here you will be amazed at a variety of fishes, and it’s suited for snorkeling.

The 2nd Khai Island is Khai Nai Island (5 mins from Khai Nui island): Khai Nai is surrounded by incredible white-sand beach, all kinds of fish are visible with no diving required. Water sport activities are provided as same as Naka island. You can relax and take time at restaurants and bars at your leisure.

The 3rd Khai Island is Khai Nok island (5 mins from Khai Nai island): Khai Nok is slightly larger than Khai Nai and has a beautiful white beach for relaxation liked Khai Nai.



– Chartered boat serves seasonal fruits (pine apple and water melon), dessert, snack, beverages (Coca Cola, drinking water and juice), snorkeling equipment (mask and snorkel), paddle board, life vest and insurance.

– Additional fee THB 1,000/pax will be charged to the 11th traveler onwards of all programs charter in case of over 10 travelers in a trip.

3. Yao Yai Island

The island remains a pure nature, while you will discover a rich culture of natives such as rubber plantation, Ching Chang dry fish, Thai coconut pancake cooking, etc. While, enjoy kayaking and sightseeing a mangrove.

4.Hong Island (Krabi)

Hong Island is surrounded by natural beauty of beach and sea where is a great snorkeling destination. You can sunbathe on the beach and enjoy a nearby lagoon.


– Hong lagoon

– Hong Island

– Phak Bia Island

– Lao Lading Island


Price 18,000 Baht

Discount 15,000 Baht (for minimum 10 Persons)

5. Program Krabi 4 Islands


– Mo Island

– Kai Island

– Thep Island

– Poda Island


Normal Price: 20,000 Baht

Discount Price: 17,000 Baht

(For minimum 10 Person)