About us

About See Sea Blue Marine

Before the establishment of See Sea Blue Marine Co., Ltd., one of our executive board members gained a wealth of practical experience in marine and fishery of native common job. Likewise, our executive has realized the efficiency of his crews and joined a great management team, thus the company was definitely established in 2018 under See Sea Blue Marine Co., Ltd. for excursion and Suriyan Marine Co., Ltd. for boat maintenance and human resources.

Since 2018, our executive and customer service team have highly emphasized on quality and ambiance of a particular trip. The customer satisfaction during trip is our top priority.

Our crews, under the management of Suriyan Marine Co., Ltd., operates company’s 20 in-service boats with high skilled and knowledge trained by the Marine Department regularly as our customer safety is the most important.

Our skillful guide team can speak several languages such as English, Chinese and Russian. Training sessions liked safety and first aid are frequently conducted to be prepared and respond to any accident and unexpected circumstance.

All of us, crew team, guide team and onsite team, focus on providing our customer with the best service as well as safety of every journey. On behalf of See Sea Blue Marine Co., Ltd. and Suriyan Marine Co., Ltd., our happiness is your smile and your impression of us.